Ms. Heather Bundshuh
Dean of Students (Last Names R – Z)
Creekside High School
[email protected]
Mrs. Bundshuh received her B.S. degree in Chemistry and her M.Ed. in Secondary Education.  She served as a chemistry teacher for 8 years.  Mrs. Bundshuh came to Creekside High School in 2009 as a chemistry teacher and has been the Attendance Dean and a Dean of Students since 2014.


Mr. John Highsmith
Dean of Students (Last Names A – I)
Creekside High School
[email protected]
Mr. Highsmith received his Bachelors Degree in Education from Southern Illinois University and his Masters Degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Central Florida. He served as a classroom teacher for 11 years and nine years as a dean/administrator. This is Mr. Highsmith’s fifth year at Creekside High School.


Mr. David Hudson
Dean of Students (Last Names J – Q)
Creekside High School
[email protected]
Mr. Hudson received his Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise and Sports Science from the University of Florida.  He has been a physical education teacher since 1987 at three schools – Ribault High School (1987-2003), St. Augustine High School (2003-2008) and Creekside High School since it opened (2008-2016).  He began his dean’s position in 2016.

The safety of your child is our first priority!

2015-2016 Code of Conduct

Disclipline Incidents and Consequences

Bullying and Harrassment Policy and Reporting

Policies Every Student and Parent Should Know

Gifts (balloons, candy, flowers, etc.) for students will not be accepted during school hours.

There is NO skip day at Creekside High School.

Parking Pass: P.O.C is Dean Hudson

Please have all paperwork ready when requesting a parking pass. Proof of Insurance, Drivers License, Notary Authorization Form, and $70.00 cash or check. Please; remember; Seniors and Juniors are the only grades authorized to request a Parking Permit/Pass. Parking Pass/Tag needs to be visible at all times. Parking Violations are either $10.00 or $20.00 depending on the location of the vehicle.

2017-18 Creekside High School Parking Rules


If your student is out and you need to pick up his/her books please call one of the Deans. Please have your student hallway and locker number ready when you call.

Bus Pass:

If your student needs to ride a different school bus for any reason; please bring a parent note to the Front Desk. A bus pass will be provided to be give to the bus driver.

Parents in order to stay consistent and enforce the rules of Creekside High School we need your help and support! Thank you.

Creekside High School Deans Department

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