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Creekside High School Guidance Department

KnightsThe Creekside Guidance Department’s ultimate goal is for all students to graduate with the competencies necessary to make self-directed, realistic and responsible decisions and to be successful contributors to society. We are dedicated to guiding and counseling individual students and groups through the development of academic, personal/social and career plans. It is also our goal to keep parents and students informed of important information throughout the school year by newsletters, presentations, and use of the Creekside website. Contacting counselors by e-mail, phone calls or scheduling a conference are all options available to parents and students to answer their questions and concerns throughout the school year.

Student Appointment Request

(Parents/Guardians should email the School Counselor)

Transcript Request Information

Guidance Schoology Access Code: 4PTG-F88V-9MK6Q

Course Registration Links:

2021-2022 Creekside High School Course Catalog

Middle School Registration Information

Rising Freshman Presentation
CHS Middle School Video

Creekside Class of 2025 Apparel Sale

Middle School Forms/Resources

Freshman Scheduling Worksheet with Electives


2021-2022 VPS Application Form
2021-2022 CO-OP Application Form
2021-2022 Senior Modified Schedule Form
2021-2022 Junior Modified Schedule Form
2021-2022 Rising Senior Elective Worksheet
2021-2022 Rising Junior Elective Worksheet
2021-2022 Rising Sophomore Elective Worksheet

2021-2022 Scheduling Re-Eval Request Form


AP Capstone
Rising Senior Presentation
Rising Junior Presentation
Rising Sophomore Presentation

School Counselors:

Ms. Adair
Last Names Sf-Z
E-mail Ms. Adair

E-mail TBA

Ms. Bunnell
Last Names P-Se
E-mail Ms. Bunnell

Computer Operator:
Last Names L – Z
Ms. McNickle
E-mail Ms. McNickle

Ms. Doane
Last Names Gm-K
E-mail Ms. Doane

Computer Operator:
Last Names A – K
Ms. Scribner
E-mail Ms. Scribner

Ms. Fornera
Last Names L-O
E-mail Ms. Fornera
Career Academy Coordinator:
Ms. Kelly
E-mail Ms. Kelly
Ms. Fry
Last Names Coh-Gl
E-mail Ms. Fry
Testing Coordinator:
Ms. Sundstrom
E-mail Ms. Sundstrom
Ms. Kennair
Last Names A-Cog
E-mail Ms. Kennair
Testing Clerk:
Ms. De Boer
E-mail Ms. DeBoer
Guidance Secretary:
Ms. Stubbs
E-mail Ms. Stubbs
Guidance Clerk:
Ms. Hemmer
E-mail Ms. Hemmer


If  you or someone you know is in crisis, text “CARE4U” to 741741 or call The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or call 911 immediately.