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Co-op or Executive Internship

Co Op/ Executive Internship

Students will submit hours in the Schoology course Executive Internship 7-7. Students not enrolled in Section 7-7 will submit hours in Section 1-1.


For Fall 2023 students will submit

August hours due Friday, September 1 (first quarter)

September hours due Monday, October 2 (first quarter)

October hours due Wednesday, November 1 (second quarter), and

November hours due Friday, December 1 (second quarter).

*No hours will be required in December*


For Spring 2023 students will submit

January hours due Thursday, February 1 (third quarter)

February hours due Friday, March 1 (third quarter)

March hours due Monday, April 1 (fourth quarter), and

April hours due Wednesday, May 1 (fourth quarter).

*No hours will be required in May.*


If you cannot complete the required 25 hours in a month please complete this form: Co Op Missing Hours Form

Students must submit a completed application to Ms. Bunnell or their assigned school counselor prior to September 1. 2023-2024-CO-OP-Application