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Testing Information

Welcome to the Creekside High School testing page! Please see the links to the right for specific testing information. If you have any questions regarding testing, you can e-mail Ms. Sundstrom.

22-23 Testing at a Glance – Updated January 26, 2023

Tips for a successful testing session

  • Be prepared
  • Be well rested
  • Eat a good, healthy breakfast
  • Arrive ON time
  • Bring two #2 sharpened pencils with a good eraser
  • PleaseDO NOT schedule appointments during a testing session.  If your student is checked out during a testing session, the test will be invalidated.

Nationwide Testing Accommodations Reminder:

Students with a disability may be eligible for testing accommodations through College Board for the PSAT, SAT, and AP Exams or through ACT for the ACT test.
Your child’s IEP or 504 Plan does not guarantee approval of accommodations for these college entrance exams. The final decision is up to College Board or ACT.

To request accommodations for your student, the College Board’s “Consent Form for Accommodations Request” must be signed by both the student and parent and returned to the student’s school counselor.  College board administers all PSAT, AP and SAT testing.

Once the consent form is received, we will start the application process. For additional information about accommodations on the PSAT, SAT and AP, visit the College Board website,, or call them at 212-713-8333.

11th grade students wishing to take the school day ACT on March 28th (paid for by the state) and are requesting accommodations should do so before January 5th.  To request Accommodations for ACT please fill out the “Consent to Release” form below and return the form to your student’s school counselor. For questions regarding ACT accommodations visit their website at, or call them at 319-337-1332.

Please keep in mind that the application and approval process can take up to 7 weeks and is NOT guaranteed.  If you are interested in applying for College Board or ACT accommodations, please fill out the attached requests and return it to your school counselor.

College Board: