State Testing

State Testing

Florida statewide assessment schedule 18-19:

For more specific information about the FSA English Language Arts and the FSA End-of-Course assessments please see the link below.

Spring 2019 NGSSS EOC Parent/Guardian Notification Letter

Spring 2019 FSA Grades 9 and 10 Parent/Guardian Notification Letter

U.S. History EOC
May 1st
Last Name Location Time
A-Cook Gym 9:15AM
Cor-Haw Auditorium 9:15AM
Haz-Morrow Media Center 9:15AM
Mot-Re 215 9:15AM
Ri-Si Lab B 9:15AM
May 2nd
Last Name Location Time
Smith-Z Gym 9:15AM
Online Lab B 9:15AM
Biology EOC
May 2nd
Last Name Location Time
A-Br- Auditorium 9:15AM
Bro-Fla Media Center 9:15AM
Fle-Hab 215 9:15AM
Had-Lea Lab C/D 9:15AM
Lee-N Gym 12:15PM
O-Sal Media Center 12:15PM
Sam-Till 215 12:15PM
Tiw-Z Auditorium 12:15PM
Geometry EOC
May 3rd & 6th
Last Name Location Time
A-Bucc Lab C/D 9:15AM
Buck-Far Media Center 9:15AM
Fe-Gu 215 9:15AM
H-K Auditorium 9:15AM
La-Lord Lab B 9:15AM
M-Ped Auditorium 12:15PM
Pek-Sil Media Center 12:15PM
Sim-Williams 215 12:15PM
Wilson-Z Lab B 12:15PM
Algebra 1 EOC
May 7th & 8th
Last Name Location Time
A-Fi Media Center 9:15AM
Fl-Keen 215 9:15AM
Kel-Pek Lab C/D 9:15AM
May 9th & 10th
Last Name Location Time
Per-Y Media Center 9:15AM
9th Grade Reading
May 9th & 10th
Last Name Location Time
A-Brumell Lab C/D 9:15AM
Brummer-Dell 215 9:15AM
Dem-Gup Media Center 12:15PM
Gus-Kar 215 12:15PM
Kec-Len Lab B 12:15PM
Let-Mor Auditorium 12:15PM
May 10th & 13th 
Last Name Location Time
Mos-Ri Auditorium 9:15AM
May 13th & 14th 
Last Name Location Time
Stro-Y 215 9:15AM
May 14th & 15th 
Last Name Location Time
Rid-Sto Auditorium 9:15AM
10th Grade Reading
May 13th & 14th
Last Name Location Time
A-Charles Media Center 9:15AM
Charp-Fly Lab C/D 9:15AM
For-Hendryx 215 12:15PM
Henry-Martin, C Media Center 12:15PM
Martin, J-Milhous Lab B 12:15PM
Miller-Neu Lab A 12:15PM
May 15th & 16th 
Last Name Location Time
Rogg-Z Media Center 9:15AM
New-Rogers Auditorium 12:15PM
May 15th & 17th
Last Name Location Time
Students who are taking AP World S1(215)
S2 (MCF)
* This only applies to students with last names New-Z