What is a GPA and how do you get one?

GPA’s are calculated at the end of every semester. Each letter grade is worth points. Different classes earn different points

Standard      Honors         DE/AP

A=4.0           A=4.5           A=5.0

B=3.0           B=3.5           B=4.0

C=2.0           C=2.5          C=3.0

D=1.0          D=1.5          D=2.0

Your cumulative GPA uses any High School classes you took, even if they were done in middle school.

To calculate a GPA- you add up all the points you received using your SEMESTER Grades, then divide by the number of of classes you took. For example, let’s say you took the classes below and received that letter grade for the semester

9th grade English Honors B
Algebra 1 C
Biology C
Geography A
AP Psychology A
Physical Education D
Auto Mechanics Honors A


I would add up 3.5 points for English, 2 for algebra, 2 for biology, 4 for geography, 5 for AP psychology, 1 for PE, 4.5 for auto mechanics which equals 22. Then I divide 22 by 7. This weighted GPA is a 3.14

To find your unweighted GPA you would calculate every grade with just standard class points. So the unweighted GPA for these grades is 2.85