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Community Service and Paid Work Hours

Please refer to the top link below for guidelines and information, as requirements for Community Service and Paid Work Hours have changed for the 2023-2024 school year.  The other links are the forms required when turning in hours.

St. Johns County — Bright Futures Community Service Guidelines

Community Service form-Service completed for a SJCSD school

Form referred to as Reflection Plan or Volunteer Service Plan
(*Required by District to be attached to ALL Service Hours and Paid Work Hours)

Community service hours and/or paid work hours are required for all Bright Futures Scholarship Awards.  Refer to the Bright Futures website for details pertaining to your graduating class at  You may begin logging your community service hours and paid work hours the summer before your freshman year.  Community service hours should be documented on the Community Service form for SJC schools, or on letterhead of the place where the hours were served.  The letterhead should contain the name of the not-for-profit organization, the duties performed, dates and hours of service and should be signed by a representative of the organization.  Hours will only be awarded upon receipt of the SJC form or letter on letterhead.  *The Volunteer Service Plan must be attached to all hours turned in, whether from SJC or another organization. Work hours must be an official paycheck, with the dates and hours highlighted, and the hours should be totaled.  These forms should be turned in at the same time in order to receive hours. Verification letters should be turned in to the Guidance Office or the Front Office in the black tray labeled “Service Hours.”  Hours should be turned in as soon as they are completed to allow for accurate tracking. Please allow 1 week for hours to be updated and viewed via HAC. 

Students may check their hours by logging in to HAC and clicking on the registration tab.

District Community Service/Paid Work Hours webpage

Below are some examples of hours that are considered Community Service:

  • Service to a government agency
  • Service to a not – for – profit local, national or international organization
  • When training meetings are required prior to the actual service, a student can receive credit for up to 2 hours of training in addition to the hours for the service.
  • Service to a school or school organization – in which credit is not being awarded
  • Service to a religious organization
  • Participation in not – for – profit Fine Arts performances or exhibitions
  • When hours are being earned in which rehearsal time is required, a student can receive credit for up to 3 hours of rehearsal time for every hour of performance time.
  • VPS hours provided credit is not being awarded
  • Non – paid internships at a not – for – profit organization with prior school official approval
  • Career Academy internships or paid jobs (must turn in copies of pay stubs)

Below are some examples of hours that are not considered eligible for Community Service:

  • Self-reported or parent reported hours will not be recognized
  • Family related activities
  • School related activities that have required attendance and/or are a part of the course requirement to earn credit
  • Attendance at meetings which are required as part of membership in a club or organization
  • Activities that cannot be documented on business letterhead
  • Volunteer services for a for-profit business
  • Fostering animals does not count for Bright Futures hours

Students are encouraged to choose a variety of opportunities or services when selecting and completing their community service hours.   If a student is unsure if activities are considered viable, they should consult their school counselor prior to the activity.

For paid work, students will need to submit a copy of their pay stub.

  • Make a copy of all completed forms for your records.
  • Hours and dates must be highlighted, and hours must be totaled.
  • Student should provide pay stubs and reflection log(see above) to the guidance office.

JB 793-2016 addendum requires students to identify a civic issue or professional area of interest as part of their volunteer service plans and expands volunteer work to include an internship with a business, government or nonprofit organization, or activity on behalf of a candidate for public office.  For additional information, contact the high school guidance office.