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SAT Test Dates & Registration Deadlines

ACT Test Dates & Registration Deadlines

Classic Learning Test (CLT) Dates & Registration Deadlines

*Students with an IEP or 504 will not automatically receive accommodations.  A signed consent form is required to start the process. Please complete the appropriate form below and return to your school counselor. 

SAT Consent for Accommodations Request 

ACT Consent to Release Information


National Standardized Test Information

The college admission tests are given by two testing agencies, the College Board (CEEB) and the (ACT) American College Testing Program. The College Board is an association of approximately 5,000 colleges, schools, school systems, and education associations throughout the country. The CEEB offers the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT), the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), and the Advanced Placement program (AP). The PSAT, a two-hour test of verbal and mathematical skills administered in October, previews the SAT, and serves as the qualifier for the National Merit Scholarship program for juniors. The State of Florida pays for every sophomore to take this exam and we strongly encourage all freshmen and juniors to participate. Since the PSAT does qualify students for scholarships, all juniors are expected to take the exam.

The American College Testing program (ACT) is a private testing agency associated with colleges of varying sizes and types and is used for admission at most colleges in the U.S., as well as qualifying for the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program. The ACT, a test for juniors and seniors only, is administered six times a year. The ACT is a three-hour examination which measures the student’s ability in English usage, mathematics, social studies, and natural science. Scores range from 1 to 36 on the ACT.

Students can register for the SAT and the ACT on-line. The web site for the SAT is and for the ACT. Creekside High School’s Code Number is 102308 for the PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test, SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test), the ACT (American College Test), and the AP (Advanced Placement exams).

College Entrance Exams (CHS School Code 102-308)

Test Prep

Khan Academy now offers FREE SAT test prep. Download and take a real, full-length practice test. Watch videos showing step-by-step solutions to problems you missed or found challenging, and get even more practice with unreleased questions from real SATs provided by College Board. After all that practice, it wouldn’t hurt to take the full-length test again so you can get used to the feeling of answering all of the questions correctly. Rock on!


PSAT scores will be available online December 2023.  Students will receive an email with instructions on creating your College Board account when scores are available.

  • Access tutorial videos and handouts from The College Board to get the most from your PSAT results and understand your scores.   
  • The College Board and Khan Academy have partnered to provide free personalized test prep Students have access to thousands of practice questions, official SAT practice tests, and a personalized student plans based on their PSAT results.

SAT Test

Check the link above as the SAT Tests are NOT administered at
Creekside High School.

College Entrance Exams (CHS School Code 102-308)

ACT Test

Check the link above as the ACT Tests are NOT administered at
Creekside High School.

When taking the SAT or PSAT students can opt to have colleges contact them through Student Search.

Once you opt in, you can expect to receive emails and postal mail from colleges in your neighborhood, state, country or around the world. All of the colleges that you’ll hear from welcome students just like you on their campuses. The colleges may send you:

  • Information on financial aid, scholarships or other ways to make college more affordable.
  • Details on campus life and students services.
  • Overviews of majors, courses and degree options

You can “OPT OUT” any time if you want to discontinue the communication but it may be a great way for students to get information about schools they may otherwise not have known about.