In Case of Injury

In case of an athletic injury, please follow the protocols listed below:


Use the PRICE Principle:

P – Protect – splint, brace, crutches, etc
R – Rest – Limit Activities especially that produce pain
I – Ice – 20 minutes every hour
C – Compression – Elastic bandage over injury
E – Elevation – Limb above heart as much as possible


In Case of Head Injury:

Common Signs and Symptoms:

Increased Blood Pressure
Memory Deficits
Motor Deficits
Sensory Deficits
Balance Deficits

***Activate EMS (Call 911) for ANY of the following***

Decreasing level of consciousness
Decreasing or irregular respirations
Decreasing or irregular pulse
Unequal, dilated, or unreactive pupils
Signs or symptoms of associated injuries, spine or skull fracture or bleeding
Mental status changes: extreme lethargy, confusion, or agitation
Seizure activity

 ***Notify Athletic Trainer of ALL Head Injuries As Soon As Possible***

***Student-Athlete must follow-up with Athletic Trainer 1st day back to school***