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CHS Homecoming

2021 Spirit Days

Monday, September 27 Merica Day
Tuesday, September 28 TaCkY Tourist Day
Wednesday, September 29 Decades Day
9th – 50’s
10th – 60’s
11th – 70’s
12th – 80’s
Thursday, September 30 Team Day
Friday, October 1 Class Colors Day
9th – Gray
10th – White
11th – Red
12th – Black

Spirit Kick off before school on Monday

Games, music, popsicles during lunch on Tuesday

Homecoming Club Fair during lunch Friday

STADIUM PEP RALLY, Friday — 2:50 p.m.


(There will not be a Homecoming dance per St Johns County School District guidelines.)

Additionally, this year we will include a class competition for food donations during Homecoming Spirit Week (to be donated to Hugs St. Johns—formerly Hugs Across the County).

  • RAVIOLI!!! Any canned pasta meals, any brand
  • canned chicken
  • vienna sausages
  • chicken noodle soup (any variety)
  • beef soup (any variety)
  • Mac n cheese or ramen cups
  • individual goldfish or cheezits
  • chewy granola or nutrigrain bars
  • individual trail mix
  • Lance-style snack cracker packs

For additional information on Homecoming Week or Homecoming activities, please contact Ms. Bundshuh or Ms. Forcier.