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2021 FBLA National Winners

After qualifying at the FBLA District and State competitions, Alexander Simes, Aryan Tiwari, and 2021 graduate, Tyler Goncalves, placed 3rd in the FBLA National competition in the Banking and Financial Systems event.  This particular event included a one-hour objective test where they had to place in the top 15 in the nation in order to qualify for the presentation competition round.  In this final round, Alex, Aryan, and Tyler were provided with a case study where they had 20 minutes to evaluate the case study, come up with a solution, and prepare a presentation.  Then they had seven minutes to present the case study and their solution to a panel of judges, who in turn asked follow up questions.  Congratulations Alex, Aryan, and Tyler!

The 2021 FBLA National competition included students from across the United Stated and nine additional countries.