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ACE National Scholarship Recipient

During 2018, CMiC, a long-time national ACE sponsor, and the family of the company’s late founder Allen Berg, announced a pledge of $10 million to advance the construction industry in memory of its founder, Allen Berg. The initial grant established the CMiC-Allen Berg Memorial Scholarship Awards, administered through the ACE Mentor Program of America. These scholarships are multi-year awards aimed at talented, deserving ACE high school seniors intending to pursue post-secondary education and training leading to careers in architecture, engineering, construction or the skilled crafts. Each of the 77 ACE affiliates across the country may nominate one student for consideration. This year, Kendall Reckamp of Creekside High School was our Northeast Florida nomination. She was one of 25 winners of a scholarship in the amount of $32,000 to be provided over four years with additional mentoring support during her time in school. As an affiliate, we have had four winners in five years including three from Creekside. Kendall joins past Creekside winners Tarynn Kaelin and Leighanna Goldman.