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Miss Creekside 2025

Congratulations to all of the amazing Miss Creekside 2025 contestants on shining so brightly at the pageant on Saturday night!  Laurn Wygonik was named Most Photogenic and Miss Congeniality. Tia Patel won the People’s Choice Award and Best Publicity.  Kamm Khosh won Best Interview and Best Formalwear. Elizabeth Talbot was named Most Scholarly, Megan Hayes was named Most Talented, and Priyanka Cingirkonda  and Katie Clarke received Top 5 Awards. Karina Castillo  was named 2nd Runner Up, Charlotte Romano was named 1st Runner Up, and Elizabeth Talbot was crowned Miss Creekside 2025. A special thank you goes out to the junior escorts, the hardworking tech team, and all of the student and faculty supporters who helped to make the pageant a success.