Mandatory Graduation Rehearsal: May 18, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. at UNF Arena

The graduation date for the Class of 2020: May 19th at 7:00 pm at University of North Florida Arena

Senior dues must be paid by May 1. Click here to pay your $60 senior dues.  All graduating seniors are required to pay these dues.

A Message from the PTSO:

The P.T.S.O. will be selling the reserved graduation tickets on dates to be determined outside the front office. The tickets will cost $25 each, first come, first serve. Please cash and/or checks only. A family member or the student must be present to purchase the tickets no exceptions. Each student is allowed a maximum of 8 reserved tickets. These tickets are for the bottom left and right sections in front of the stage at the U.N.F. arena. The number of reserved tickets purchased replace the number of free tickets assigned each student, they can not be combined with the free tickets. The reserved tickets allows the purchaser entry to the arena and allocates the purchaser and the family each a seat that is held for them in the lower two sections nearest the stage while the free ticket allows the purchaser to gain entry to the ceremony and at that point the family locates what ever seating is available upon entry.

The Creekside High School PTSO will hold a Reserved Seats sale. Dates and times for purchase will be TBA.  Here is how it works:

*The Reserved Seat tickets are not extra tickets that get you into the door of the arena. The Reserved Seat tickets get you into one of two reserved sections close to the stage.

*If you would like the convenience of not having to stand in line, have elderly parents who can’t climb stairs but will not sit in the handicapped section or just want to make sure your entire group gets to sit together, you may purchase Reserved Seats in one of the two Reserved sections.

*The tickets are $25 each. The money raised goes straight back to support Creekside students and teachers.

If you have any questions about Reserved Seating, please email Jeralyn Forcier at [email protected]