Things They Carried

National Archives – Selective Service History of the Draft in America

Selective Service System  The website of the Government Agency.

Classifications for Draftees Lists the various classifications from 1A (available for immediate service) to 4F (physically unable to serve).

Fortunate Son Gale Reference, Opposing Viewpoints, uses the Creedence Clearwater Revival song, Fortunate Son to explain the discrepancies in the draft lottery.

Vietnam Online Links are provided from the PBS/WGBH Vietnam program. It includes a timeline, notable persons, important events/battles, etc.

Vietnam Timeline  A concise and very well organized timeline documenting historical and political developments in Vietnam from 1945 to 1997. Also includes relevant cultural events in the United States during this same time period.

Kent State Shootings Article detailing the events surrounding the student war protest at Kent State University in 1970 and the shooting of students by National Guard troops during the protest.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial “The Wall”  Highly interactive website about the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C., also known as “The Wall”. This website is maintained by veterans of the 4th Battalion 9th Infantry Regiment, United States Army. Includes photographs of the wall, war casualty statistics, history and purpose of the memorial.

Vietnam War Draft This website is built and maintained by a small group of enthusiasts of history & especially the war in Vietnam all around the world. From just one-man show in mid 2012, we have developed an amazing team who are trying their best to craft the finest information about the Vietnam war to our  readers.

 Vietnam War Draft Lottery  The purpose of this site is to collect and share the stories of American men who were subject to the Vietnam war draft lotteries in the years 1969-1972. During those years, the Selective Service used a lottery to determine the order in which draft age men would be called up for duty, usually in Vietnam. Many who received a low number were drafted or chose to enlist. Others went to any extreme to avoid being sent to fight in the unpopular war. Either way, choices prompted by the lottery often shaped the entire course of a young man’s life.