Civil Rights / Black History Month

Before the Boycott  Interactive website in which students are “reporters” in 1955 Montgomery, Alabama and take a virtual bus ride.

Oh Freedom! Lessons and resources for teachers and students connecting African American Art with history.

Smithsonian: This website house the collection of materials and artifacts from the Civil Right Movement. You can search using the magnify glass.

Florida Memory: This is the State Library and Archives of Florida. The page is for educational purpose, you are able to search throughout the website by region and topic. This will provide you with Primary resources.

Jacksonville Historical Society: this site provides information seekers with photos and transcripts of historical documents

Jacksonville Task force on Civil Rights. This task force was developed by the city of Jacksonville to provide a collection of locations and event that happened within the city. Per the Times Union

“The Jacksonville Civil Rights Movement Timeline is a narrative chronology of organized civil rights efforts led by blacks and whites in Jacksonville to significantly end racism, racial discrimination based on skin color and gain equal rights under the law for Jacksonville’s black citizens.” (City council Task Force)

Civil Rights Trail: this site will give you a view of the trail and historical location of the Civil rights movement in the South and specifically St. Augustine

Segregated America : Separate is Not Equal Smithsonian Museum of American History site walks students through Brown vs. the Board of Education

Civil Rights  PBS Learning Media uses video clips from various PBS documentaries such as Eyes on the Prize and Freedom Riders in this resource for teachers and students.

Flagler College Civil Rights Library This is a open access page on local Civil Rights photos, documents, and news articles

University of Florida Digital Collection: this site is manged by the University of Florida George A. Smathers Library