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The ACE Mentor Program at a Glance

How it Works

You are assigned to a team with other students. Mentors from participating companies will work with your team during the school year, meeting with you after school.  You will learn how designers and builders think and work. Your mentors will also take you on behind-the-scenes office tours and field trips to construction sites.  And then there is the design project.

The Design Project

Your team, under your mentor’s guidance will develop an actual engineering or architectural design project.  You learn and apply important skills such as problem solving and drawing, to design a real-life school, bridge, park – whatever your team agrees on.  Then, in the final big event of the season, you and your team present your project to your mentors, teachers, parents, fellow students, and industry professionals.

The Benefits

Career guidance: Your exposure to many disciplines and specialties associated with the construction industry helps you decide which one, if any, is right for you.

Scholarships:  Participation in the program and pursuit of an ACE career are required for eligibility for a partial college scholarship through the ACE Scholarship Program funded at the local level.

Better skills:  The program helps you develop a variety of skills, such as drawing, writing, presentation, and problem solving.

No Cost

There is no cost to students for participating in the program – it just requires some time – time for learning how your mentors think and what they do, time working with your team on your project, time preparing for your future.