In a presciently and thoughtfully drafted letter, Creekside High School head coach Rick Marabell wrote:

“I have been involved with the sport of wrestling for over 40 years now. My favorite quote is from the great wrestler and legendary coach Dan Gable, ‘Once you’ve wrestled, everything else in life is easy.’ I can say in my life that quote has rang true over and over again. I believe that wrestling offers certain life lessons that may take years to develop or experience.

My high school and college wrestling coaches had a huge impact on my life. They not only taught the skills and techniques required to be successful on the mat, but they also understood that, as coaches, they had an opportunity to instill character traits that would last a lifetime. As a coach and mentor, I feel it’s my responsibility to pass on those same core character traits. I have listed only five of the many core character traits that wrestling has to offer. It is these five traits our wrestling program chooses to focus on because of their lasting impact.


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A Winning Team at Florida’s Creekside High School, Headed by Coach Rick Marabell


Lady Knights Star Breaks Rebounding Record

Sophomore star Kayla Kastor broke the single game rebounding record in the Lady Knights game against University Christian on January 12, 2021. Kayla manhandled the boards, registering 9 offensive and 15 defensive rebounds for 24 total on the night. The previous record was 23, recorded back in 2009.

Kayla came into the game coming close to breaking the record earlier in the season by snagging 19 rebounds on November 23rd against the St Josephs Flashes. Kayla has been a beast rebounding all season, averaging 10.3 rebounds per game so far this season.

Way to go Kayla!