AP Course Information

Below is a list of Advanced Placement Level Courses offered at Creekside High School:

AP English Language

AP English Literature

AP Human Geography

AP World History

AP US History

AP Microeconomics

AP Macroeconomics

AP US Government

AP Comparative Government

AP European History

AP Psychology

AP Statistics

AP Calculus AB

AP Calculus BC

AP Biology

AP Environmental Science

AP Chemistry

AP Physics 1

AP Physics 2

AP Physics C 

AP Art – Drawing Portfolio

AP Art – 2D Portfolio

AP Art 3D Portfolio

AP Art History

AP Music Theory

AP Spanish Language

AP Spanish Literature

For more information on these specific courses, please click on this link: click here

Get the Most out of Taking AP Level courses:

  • With AP, you get to dig deeper into subjects you love
  • In AP’s immersive courses, you get to learn how things really work
  • In AP classes, learning means sharing your ideas and expressing yourself
  • With AP, you get to explore new ideas with your classmates and AP teachers

Resources for families and parents: Click Here