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Knights Of The Round Table

Thank you to all of you that joined us this morning for our Knights of the Round Table: College Application Q & A with Seniors. Our Seniors provided invaluable insight to the college application process from a student perspective by sharing their experiences of applying to and being accepted by four-year institutions such as Vanderbilt University, the University of Florida, Florida State University, the University of North Florida, the University of Central Florida, the University of Virginia, and  Warner University.  They covered topics such as dual enrollment/AP classes, financial aid, writing admissions essays, college athletics, and how and when to apply.  The Seniors also helped parents and students by answering questions they had about the college application process as well as what Juniors can expect as they transition into their Senior year.  We would like to thank our Senior panel for their willingness to participate in the event.  We would also like to thank our PTSO for providing breakfast items for our attendees- your continued support for our Guidance events allows us to serve Creekside students and their families.


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Coping with Anxiety as a High School Student

Special thanks to Dawn Wiggins, LCSW, for her presentation on “Coping with Anxiety as a High School Student.” We had a great discuss on ways to reduce stress and anxiety and hope you found the session helpful. Thank you to Alex Fernandez and Gina Geloso for donating coffee and donuts for our session.

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Make A Plan to Shine In College

Enroll in the College Success Series

To learn everything you need to know about getting into college, sign up for our College Success Series this April. The College Success Series offers weekly webinars covering a range of topics that will give you the information and tools to get into the college of your dreams. This live, interactive online experience features experts who will help you navigate college admission – from finding the right college to choosing the right major to mastering the application process to landing scholarships to achieving your degree.

Sign up for the College Success Series for weekly webinars covering a range of topics.

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FAFSA tips for Seniors

Now is the time for students to complete the FAFSA application and create a FSA ID username and password. Below are a few resources to help you.


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