College Visits


Sign up for college visits in Guidance!


Date Time Location
University of South Florida Sept. 6 2nd period
9:55 – 10:30
Athletic Conference Room
University of Central Florida Sept. 6 3rd period
10:35 – 11:10
Small Cafeteria
University of South Florida – St. Petersburg Sept. 6 5th Period
12:50 – 1:25
Athletic Conference Room
Georgia Southern Sept. 7 5th Period
1:20 – 2:05
Professional Library
Nova Southern University – Ft. Lauderdale Sept. 7 3rd Period
10:05 – 10:55
Professional Library
Florida State University Sept. 8 5th Period
1:20 – 2:05
Media Center – Main Floor
Florida Atlantic University Sept. 20 3rd Period
10:55 – 11:40
Professional Library
First Coast Technical College Sept. 29 3rd period
10:55 – 11:40
Professional Library
Florida Gulf Coast Sept. 29 5th Period
1:20 – 2:05
Professional Library


College Visit Sign-Up Instructions:

  1. Sign up in Guidance
  2. Write your name on the sign-up form for the visit you want to attend.
  3. Remove a label and place it in your planner to use as your pass for the day of the visit.  make sure to check in with your teacher first.

Day of Visit Procedure:

  1. Check in with your teacher first!  Show them the NEON pass in your planner.
  2. After checking in, proceed to the location written on your pass.  Bring your planner with you.
  3. Attendance:  Sign your initials next to your name on the sign-up sheet.
  4. You must report to the next class when the bell rings.  If you are staying to talk to the admissions representative past the bell, you must have them write a pass in your planner.

Thank You!!

College Visit Reminder:
You MUST sign up PRIOR to the day of the visit!