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Senior Spotlight – JT Wood

John Thomas Wood IV, also known as JT Wood, is a varsity wide receiver for the Creekside Knights’ football team.  Playing football for CHS since his freshmen year, JT talks about his goals, accomplishments, and life as a student-athlete.     “[Being a student-athlete makes] it hard to manage all my work with my athletics… but in the end it’s helping me find ways to manage myself and prepare myself for the future.” JT is committed to Liberty University to play football, which is one of the many reasons he loves the sport. “I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life after high school until I found my love for football. It’s given me the opportunity to become a good person and develop my skills as a leader, person, and player.” JT also says how it’s also given him the opportunity to go to college.    JT is proud to be part of the team that has finally produced its first win in over 2 seasons. “Probably last night, Friday August 25, 2017, [was my favorite memory] because it was my first varsity win since playing varsity for three years.” Helping out the team, and the school, meant a lot to JT, and he also describes it as his biggest accomplishment. “We’ve struggled and just to know I helped bring Creekside out of that struggle is my biggest accomplishment.” His personal goal for the season is to pass 1,000 receiving yards, and he plans to get there by “playing my best every game, trusting my coaches’ decisions, and playing good for the team.” His advice for the freshmen on the CHS football team is to “trust the process and the coaches.”

 At school, JT’s favorite class is weightlifting because he gets to workout with his teammates, which he refers to as his brothers. His role model is his father, “because he has been there for me since day 1.” JT hopes to be able to live up to his dad, but also would like to create his own legacy in his life.  We wish all the best to JT Wood in his last football season and school year at CHS.

Senior Spotlight written by Student Journalist, Veronica Czajkowski