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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

about our CHS Career Academies

How do I apply for an Academy?

Students apply through their Home Access Center HAC Account.  Detailed instructions are available on the Career & Technical Education (CTE) of St. Johns County website.

What do I do if I'm a Private school, Home school, or Virtual School student who would like to apply?

Any SJCSD resident who is moving a student from home school, virtual school or private school may apply for an academy by pre-registering for school on-line at the SJCSD CTE website

My family just moved to the area and the application deadline has passed. Do we even stand a chance in getting into one of the academy programs?

Yes! You have a great shot of getting into a program! If you are planning on attending Creekside and wish to apply to one of  our Career Academies, schedule a registration appointment. During that visit, express your interest in applying to a program. There is an online application on the CTE District website for new students. We end up placing many of the students who move into the district in their preferred program. However, you must register first to be considered. 

How will I know if my application has been received?

Verification emails for completed applications are sent before close of the following work day. If you do not receive a verification email, please wait one day before calling the Career and Technical Education (CTE) office at 904-547-4870. Within your email notification, you will be informed if your application was completed correctly or if there are errors that need correction.

What’s the difference between the IT Academy at BTHS and the Cybersecurity Academy here at CHS?

The academy at BTHS is different because it’s an IT (Information Technology) Academy which focuses on general IT topics, where our program dives deep into the topics related to Cybersecurity. The major difference is that BTHS offers a different curriculum : Database Principles, Programming Principles, and Web Development. Our courses are more geared towards setting up and defending machines and networks from vulnerabilities and attack. We offer Computer Network Support, Cybersecurity Essentials, and Operational Cybersecurity. 

Approximately how many students are admitted to each track?

We try to place as many applicants as we can in their 1st choice program, however we do have a limited number of seats for each track. Due to the popularity of these programs, there will be a waiting list. However, by the start of the new school year at CHS, we try to place  applicants in their 1st choice program. If you don’t get accepted right away, be patient! There is a lot of movement in the summer time and we work hard to serve our students. It is important to note that completing an application does NOT guarantee placement into any Career Academy.

Can I apply for more than one academy program ?

Yes, you may apply for more than one program. However, the programs must be located in the same school. If the programs are not in the school you are zoned for, you must provide your own transportation.

How are students chosen to be in a Career Academy?

An electronic lottery system is used to determine which students get accepted when there are more applicants than openings in a program.

I am interested in applying to a program that is out-of-zone. Do I also need to fill out an out-of-zone waiver?

No! Your Academy Program of Choice application is your out-of-zone waiver. No need to fill out any other paperwork. 

If I don't like my Academy course, am I able to drop it?

When you apply to a Career Academy, you make a commitment to remain in the course at least a year. Students will not be permitted to drop the course mid-year except under dire circumstances. At registration time for the upcoming year, if you decide that the academy course isn’t for you, then you have the option to fill out a Program of Choice drop form and return it to Ms. Kelly, the Career Academy Program Specialist, to be removed from the course. If you are out of zone, you will go back to your zoned school. For more information, check out the link below.

Do I have to make good grades or good FSA scores to be accepted into an academy program?

FSA scores, EOC scores and grades do not help determine a student’s access to an academy program. Rather, the program applicants are chosen by a lottery system. However, we do think grades are important and will be sure to monitor grades a few times a year once you’re accepted.