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Process for Dropping a Program of Choice

Consider the Benefits Before You Drop

Because we have seen first-hand the benefits our programs bring to the lives of our students, we never want to see a student leave us! However, we understand that part of the beauty of being able to experience a career field in high school is for students to decide if that career fits their interests.  Below is the process for exiting an Academy course at CHS.

Deadline to drop an
Academy Course is
(March 8, 2024).

Steps for Exiting an Academy Program of Interest

Step 1: Discuss this decision with a parent or guardian.

Be sure this is what’s best for you. Collaborate with your parent, your current teacher, and your counselor to make sure that this is the best option for your career path. Students change their mind, and that’s okay, but you want to make sure that this is the decision that will drive where you want to go in the future. Once you exit a program and you wish to return, there is a chance you will not be admitted back in.

Step 2: Acquire a Program of Interest Drop form from Ms. Kelly. 

In January, Ms. Kelly will visit Academy classrooms to ask students their intent to return. This will help to determine the number of students continuing in the program and will then guide students who wish to exit through the process of exiting the program. Students need to think about whether they would like to continue in the program for the next school year and whether the program fits their individual career goals.

Deadline to drop an Academy Course is March 8, 2024.

Deadline to drop an Academy Course is March 8, 2024.

Step 3: Students need to submit a Program of Interest drop form directly to Ms. Kelly BEFORE your registration appointment.

 When filling out the intent to return, students wishing to exit will be given a drop form by their teacher. This form needs to be filled out by the student and the parent. Then it needs to be turned into the Career Academy Program Specialist, Ms. Kelly. From here, Ms. Kelly will conference with the student about the reasons for dropping the program and the course to be added in place of the Academy course.

Step 4: Verify that the course has been removed at your registration appointment.

When students get to their registration appointment in late January, they need to verify that the career academy course has been removed from their recommendations.

What if a student hasn't turned in a form by the registration date?

Exiting a program is a tough decision, but the best way to ensure that a student’s request to drop an academy course will be approved is to return the Program of Interest Drop form PRIOR to the registration appointment. If for some reason, a student hasn’t gone through the process of acquiring the form prior to registration, a counselor can give the student a form at the appointment. However, the Academy course will NOT be dropped from a student’s registration schedule until Ms. Kelly has received this form and has conferenced with the student.

For questions or more information, email Ms. Kelly, the Career Academy Program Specialist.