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Pursue a Career in the Digital Media Field

Digital Media offers foundational skills to prepare students for careers in new media, multimedia, and digital media using Adobe Creative Cloud Products. Students have the opportunity to gain Industry Certifications in top design applications like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, and Dreamweaver.

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Digital Media 1

In this course, students will become fully versed in Adobe Photoshop CC and start to learn the basics of Adobe Illustrator CC. Students not only have the opportunity to gain Adobe ACA certification in Photoshop, but also begin to learn basic design principles such as hierarchy, composition, color theory and typography. There is some book work involved, however this allows students to test their skills and knowledge in realistic projects such as poster designs, rebranding, photography and other exciting design projects.

Digital Media 2

In this course students continue learning about digital design using Adobe Illustrator CC, which is a vector graphics editor, and have the opportunity to gain Adobe ACA certification in Illustrator CC. With this program, students will have the opportunity to create logos, icons, typography, drawings, and illuatrations for web, video, print or mobile multimedia outlets. Students will also begin learning Adobe InDesign CC, which is a publishing and typsetting software application, and will start to use these 3 Adobe programs (Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign) simultaneously to complete challenging realistic projects. Students are expected to expand their knowledge of design principles learned in Digital Media 1 as well as learn to write and proof read their own copy for their projects.

Below is an example of a magazine project created in InDesign.

Digital Media 3

The year begins reviewing all the Adobe InDesign techniques that were learned the previous year.  The lessons for this Adobe program is wrapped up by completing a magazine cover design and two-page spread design consisting of a feature article for the magazine.  After taking the ACA InDesign certification exam, students then spend the remainder of the year learning video editing concepts with Adobe Premiere Pro CC along with an introduction to Adobe After-Effects.  Students prepare projects such as music videos, photo montage, commercials, interviews/biographies, instructional videos, advocacy videos, etc.  In the spring, students also take the ACA Premiere Pro certification exam.


Watch the video above for a example project made by two senior Digital Media Students. 

Digital Media 4

This year consists of a full year learning web design with Adobe Dreamweaver.  Students prepare an electronic portfolio consisting of projects they have completed throughout their four years in the Academy, their resume, writing samples, career goals, etc.  Students learn how to interpret and modify HTML and CSS code throughout the year.  The ACA Dreamweaver certification is the final certification that students receive through the Academy.  The year is wrapped up with students preparing a co-curricular website for a subject or topic they have researched throughout their senior year of high school.

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Caleb Moseley

Class of 2015, Florida Blue-- Innovation Designer

“My team and I design UIs/UXs for healthcare prototypes that deal with innovation and IOT, handle all communications for IT, host conferences, video production, and miscellaneous graphic design projects.”

“The Academy really helped me get to where I am today. It helped me figure out that I had a passion for design and technology. It helped me learn and get industry certifications in six Adobe applications. It also gave me a jump on everyone in college. Since I
mastered all the basics of the programs in the Academy, I could move on and learn more advanced skills. In my first computer-based design class (Basic Computer Imaging), I ended up helping the professor because I knew more about Illustrator and Photoshop than he did. By knowing all of the programs and being comfortable with them, I landed a paid job at Florida Blue my second semester of freshmen year which I still have today!”

Rachel Sizemore

Class of 2018, Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD)

“I interned for Leonard’s Studios in High School and worked in different departments including photo, video, yearbook, and social media. While in college, I interned at Burdette Ketchum, an Advertising Agency in Jacksonville. I worked with the creative director on
various projects and helping with ideation.

Being in the Academy helped me today because if I wasn’t in the academy I wouldn’t have received the Leonard’s internship or scholarship from them or been the photo editor for the CHS Yearbook. Learning all the programs helped me in college and pushed me towards Graphic Design.”


Hailey LaFlamme


“Being in this academy has taught me a lot and has prepared me for entering the workforce. Knowing how to use the Adobe programs gives me an advantage as technology continues to be used in our society.” 

Meet our Digital Media Teachers

Jessica Wimmer

Digital Media 1 & 2

Ms. Wimmer graduated with a BA in Graphic Design and Fine Arts from Flagler College.  Since graduation, she has worked over 11 years in the design field, in both Agency and In-House design jobs, designing for local, regional, national and international companies. Her work has won a Local Silver Addy and a National Gold Addy awards. The 2017-2018 school year marks her 5th year teaching in St Johns County, and she is currently certified in Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC and InDesign CC products.

Within her classroom she strives for her students to not only understand the software, but to also develop the problem solving and critical thinking skills needed in the digital media field. Throughout the year, her students will learn the Adobe method through book work, lectures, and will have the opportunity to display their knowledge during the many projects within the class. Students will not only problem solve, design, and complete the projects, but they will also present the project to the class. This allows students to gain confidence in public speaking and to refine a skill that will be utilized throughout life. 

Nichole Sykes

Digital Media 3 & 4

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