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Teaching Academy

Pursue a career in Teaching and become an inspiration to the youth of tomorrow

This program offers students a sequence of courses needed to become a professional in the field of education.  This includes an understanding of education in the United States, the ability to work effectively with all students, educational technology, classroom management, student assessment, communication skills, and other skills needed to support the learning activities of students in today’s classrooms. 

Outline of Courses

Introduction to the Teaching Profession

This course is designed to focus on the profession of teaching and related careers – history, purposes, issues, ethics, laws and regulations, roles, and qualifications. Emphasis is placed on identifying the current, historical, philosophical and social perspectives of American education, including trends and issues. During the course students will participate in a minimum of 20 hours of guided observations and field experiences in multiple settings to help them assess their personal interest in pursuing careers in this field and to identify effective learning environments. Students will begin the development of a working portfolio to be assembled upon completion of the program. The course is also designed for students to learn about leadership and skill opportunities afforded through participation in CTSO activities.

Human Growth and Development

This course prepares students to understand the nature of human development from conception through adolescence and the connection of the students’ development and plans for working with students.  Emphasis is placed on theories of physical, cognitive, and psychosocial development, the effect of heredity and the environment, the role of caregivers and the family, health and safety concerns, and contemporary issues. Students will participate in a minimum of 30 hours of planned, guided observations of children from birth through adolescence in a variety of settings to help students further understand theories of human development. Students will continue to develop the components of his or her working portfolio to be assembled upon completion of the program.

Foundations of Curriculum and Instruction

This course is designed for students to develop the knowledge and skills of curriculum delivery models in response to the developmental needs of all children. Students will develop various instructional materials and activities to promote learning, classroom management strategies, and a supportive classroom environment. Students will research and understand the basic theories of motivation that increase student engagement which is tied to student learning. Students will participate in a minimum of 50 hours of guided observations and field experiences to critique and develop classroom lessons. Students will continue to develop the components of a working portfolio to be assembled upon completion of the program.

Principles of Teaching Internship

The course is designed for students to apply their knowledge in real world education settings.  Students must complete a minimum of 150 hours of internship in an approved setting based on students’ area of interests. The internship is designed for students to work with a mentor teacher to provide daily supervision and provide the students the opportunities to integrate content and pedagogical knowledge. Students will be observed by the instructor using the local school district’s approved formal observation process during the internship.  The student will submit a completed portfolio by the end of the course for feedback.

Program of Study

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Student Testimonials

Emily Hall

Class of 2023

“The Future Teachers Academy has provided me with all of the fundamental skills and knowledge required for the teaching profession. Throughout this program, I was also able to learn essential life skills, such as crafting a resume and what is ethical in the educational world. I have also gained a great deal of confidence in my public speaking because of the projects we do in this academy. I would highly recommend this academy to anyone interested in education and who loves to show their creative side.”

Erica Kromer

Class of 2022

“Being part of the Teaching academy is the greatest thing I have done in high school. This academy made me find a new group of friends that turned into family and made me decide that I want to be a teacher for life. This academy is perfect for anyone even if you don’t want to be a teacher. I have grown and learned so much from this academy and I’m glad I was given this opportunity.”

Meet Our Teacher

Regan Ashker

Ms. Ashker has a B.A. in English and teaching credential from San Diego State University, along with a M.S. in Education with a specialization in Adolescent Literacy and Technology from Walden University.  She has 17 years teaching experience in English and Intensive Reading–all in high school—and is Reading and ESOL endorsed. Ms. Ashker started teaching in San Diego, then taught overseas in Colombia, before moving to Duval, and then to St. Johns.  She has experience in both public and private school systems. This is her 4th year in St. Johns County teaching at Creekside.  In addition to her classroom responsibilities, she also sponsors the Do Something Club, Hugs Across the County, and Check-Cetera.

For three years prior to coming to Creekside, Ms. Ashker served as an ELA/Reading Secondary Specialist in Duval County, which included district-wide curriculum and assessment writing, training and coaching support to Instructional Leadership Coaches, and creating and facilitating district-wide professional development.  She is currently one of the instructors for the online ESOL classes provided by the district.  Each spring, she also scores new teacher portfolios through edTPA, which is the final step for many novice teachers to earn their teaching licenses.

Message from Ms. Ashker:  I have thoroughly enjoyed my career in education, and I am so excited to work with students who have shown an interest in the teaching profession! As the academy continues to grow, students will gain more experience working with diverse populations, earn mentorship opportunities with community partners, and gain confidence as they develop their craft. Even if you are unsure about a future career in teaching, this academy still helps you develop public speaking skills, empathy, and a new way of thinking about taking an active role in your education. I look forward to seeing you in class!